Using AV setups: Equipment & Software in Room 505

If you require assistance with using any of the equipment in this room, please contact us at 617-422-7404.

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Computer in Cabinet or Additional Laptop

Select "PC/DocCam" on the top menu.

Select "Wall Computer 3" on the touchpad.

Select "floor box computer 1 or 2" if a laptop is plugged into floor in the middle of the room.

Connecting a Document Camera

In Room 505, the cabinet houses the computer, a combination vhs/dvd player, and a "video" and "Svideo" connector. There is no document camera housed in the room, but a portable unit can be plugged into the Svideo connection in the cabinet (it looks gold in this picture.)

Touchpad Control of VCR/DVD Player

Display Controls for Plasma TV

To Record a Class
The Computer Department can bring in a video camera: please submit an AV request

Available Software

Internet Explorer; Acrobat Reader; Word; PowerPoint; Excel; WordPerfect; and SmartBook Software are all installed on this computer. If you have other needs, please specify on your AV request.