Using AV setups: Equipment & Software in Room 507

If you require assistance with using any of the equipment in this room, please contact us at 617-422-7404.

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Lectern Workstation

Select "Lectern" on the touchpad.
When the computer is on, the projector will also turn on.

Laptop / Doc Cam

Select "playback vcr controls" from touchpad, upper left. Select the "VCR" or "DVD" button from top menu.

In Wall VCR

The Touchpad controls playback of a VHS tape. Note volume controls on left.

Ceiling Mounted Projector

Please use Touchpad. You shouldn't have to touch "power" and can control projection with the "image show" and "image off" buttons.

Ceiling Mounted Video Cameras
Select "Room Cam" to control zoom & camera angles for remote taping.
Please discuss your needs with TMS staff. Room 507 has ceiling mounted mikes which can interfere with a lapel mike.  

Available Software

Windows 2000 Operating System   Internet Explorer; Acrobat Reader; Word; PowerPoint; Excel; WordPerfect; and SmartBook Software are all installed on this computer. If you have other needs, please specify on your AV request.