Using the Smart Podium: Equipment & Software in Rooms 501, 301, 304 and 305

If you require assistance with using any of the equipment in this room, please contact us at 617-422-7404.

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Networked Workstation

Select "Lectern PC" on touchpad. The workstation is equipped with a DVD/CDROM player; a zip drive; and a 3.5" "A" drive. A remote mouse is available.

In Cabinet VCR

Playback is controlled from the touchpad. Recording is done remotely.

Connections for Laptop

Laptop/Wireless connections are under the black metal plate. Select laptop on the touchpad.

Document Projector (Elmo)

Select "Doc Cam" "Room Controls" "Lamp on" & "picture mute off."

Ceiling Mounted Projector
Please use Touchpad. Never select "lamp off" - to turn projection off temporarily, select "Picture Mute "off".
Mounted Video Camera
Please discuss your needs with TMS staff. Users in the Moot Court Room have wireless mikes on stands available, as pictured, or presenters can request lapel mikes .

Available Software

Windows 2000 Operating System   PowerPoint; WordPerfect; and SmartBook Software