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Computer Questions

Q: Is a laptop required at New England Law Boston?
A: No. We have workstations and laser printers available for student use in the library, and many students use these and a desk top PC at home. Sixteen laptops are available for use in the library. However, many students do use laptops for note-taking in class and to make use of the internet via our wireless network.

Q: What are required or recommended specifications for a computer?
A: Please click here for more information on laptop hardware/software recommendations.

Q: What kind of wireless card do I need?
A: Most new laptops work with our system. We have a "g" standard to our wireless network. Most new wireless cards conform to the 802.11b or g standard. Both of these should work seamlessly with our network.
Q: Why doesn't my laptop auto-detect your wireless network?
A: The Operating System should be updated with the most recent patches and security updates.
Virus protection software should be installed and Virus Definitions should be updated.
A "bridge", if present, should be disabled.
IP addresses are assigned via dhcp, so students should not program in an IP address.
Under the browser menu bar, Internet tools/Connections make sure "never dial a connection" is selected. Click on "lan settings" and make sure "automatically detect" is selected and the box that says "use a proxy server" is not checked.

The Computer Department and the Library are cooperating in addressing student configuration needs. Our resources and manpower are limited, and we cannot "fix" every problem. If your laptop is under warranty, please take advantage of the retailer or manufacturer.

Q: May I have a personal web page on the New England web site?
A: Student Organizations may have web pages, but individual students cannot use our server space for their own pages.

Computer Assisted Legal Instruction

Q: My professor uses TWEN or Blackboard (Lexis) for his course pages. How do I access?
A: During First Year Orientation you will receive limited passwords for Westlaw and Lexis. You must register these passwords with the vandors to access the course pages. 
Q: I want to use the CALI exercises. How do I get an authorization code?
A: Contact a Reference Librarian.

Class Presentations

Q: How can I arrange for an A/V setup the day of my presentation?
A: Have your Professor fill out the online AV request form at least 48 hours in advance of the presentation. The faculty member must be the contact person listed. If you have special needs that other students do not have, see a TMS staff member or a Reference librarian to make sure that request is included in the form.
Q: My Professor is requiring a Presentation in my seminar class, and I am unfamiliar with PowerPoint. What can I do?
A: Contact a Reference Librarian for a Power Point lesson and advice on how to incorporate your research into an effective classroom presentation.

EMail Questions

Q: How do I get an Email account?
A: All students are given Email accounts when they enter as First Year Students. Transfer students can obtain passwords from the TMS, located in the Basement of the Library. Please bring a picture ID.
To access your email account go to and enter your email address next to "Domain\user name". The format of the email address is (e.g.
If you experience trouble accessing your Email account, please see someone in the TMS office or a Reference Librarian.