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Accessing and Using the Student Printers


All of the Public Workstations within the school are setup to print to the Student Printers. The printers are called Student b/w and Student Color Printer. The printers are located in the following areas:

Basement Library - beside the Book Scanners - 2 Black & White printers
1st Floor Library - facing Reference Desk - 2 Black & White printers
2nd Floor Library - far end of Reading Area - Color Printer

To print to the color printer, you must select Student Color (not Student b/w) and then print using the workstation on the 2nd floor. 

You can send a print job from any of the Public PCs or from your own laptop (you will need to install the drivers first see below). Wherever you insert your Print Card is where the job will print (there is a print card reader beside each printer). Print jobs are only available for a 4 hours and then the print queues are purged. Print Cards should have been provided at your Orientation. If you need to replace or add dollars to one, there are 2 Printer Vending machines. One is located in the basement library beside the library elevator. Another one can be found beside the Rest Rooms in the 1st Floor Library area.

If you encounter any difficulties printing or using your print card, please stop by the TMS Helpdesk office located in basement Library.  TMS Helpdesk Office hours are listed below:  


Summer Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Friday 9:00AM - 4:00PM



Installing Pharos on Windows drivers for Student Installing Pharos on Windows

To install the Pharos print driver on your Windows- or Mac-based system, download the driver that corresponds to your platform from the toolbar on the right and follow the instructions provided below:

Installing Pharos on Windows

  1. Install the Pharos package from the executable package listed on the right.
  2. The package will install 2 printers. Student b/w & Student Color.

Installing Pharos on Mac OSX

  1. Mount the StudentPrinters.dmg package that you downloaded.
  2. Open the Popup 9.0.1 disk.
  3. Run Popup.pkg.
  4. Click through each of the installation screens.
  5. The package will install 2 printers. Student b/w & Student Color.