Staff Laptop Loaner Program

Available Equipment:

The IT Department currently has five laptops and two Verizon 4G mobile internet cards to lend to staff. An internet card can be borrowed for use on a device other than one of the loaner laptops. Instructions for using the internet card are available at the time of borrowing the equipment.

Procedure for Borrowing Equipment:

Where applicable an EMail to from a relevant department manager endorsing the request is required prior to the equipment being borrowed. The EMail should specify the equipment required, the date it will be needed and the requested duration of the loan.

The equipment is physically available for collection in the TMS area located in the basement of the Stuart Street building. You will be required to sign a disclaimer the first time you borrow a piece of equipment which will be held on file. All subsequent times you will only be required to sign your initials when checking out and checking back in equipment. It’s imperative you return equipment only when a member of the IT department is present in the TMS area and that you sign the equipment back in.


The program is available to current staff of New England Law | Boston

General Terms:
  • Laptops are loaned on a first-come first-served basis. Staff are encouraged to reserve the equipment in advance with as much notice as possible to ensure availability.
  • When all laptops are in use, a person may place a hold for the next available computer.  
  • Only one laptop and\or Data card may be borrowed by an individual at a time.
Period of Loan:
  • Maximum Loan period: 2 weeks
  • Renewal period: 1 weeks (only permitted if there are no reservations)
  • Maximum no. of renewals: 1
Financial responsibility:
  • Lost or stolen laptop: $ 1500. (This price includes all accessories.)
  • Damaged laptop: The full cost of repairs will be assessed by an IT technician, (up to a maximum of $ 1500.)
  • Lost or stolen Verizon Data Card: $ 100
  • Lost or damaged accessories:
    • A/C adapter: $ 50.
    • Carrying case: $ 50.
Behavioral responsibility:
  • Personal software may not be loaded onto the laptop computer at any time.
  • Users must save work into a removable device; data will be purged when the system is turned off.
  • Usage of the loaner computer is restricted to university business.

IT is not responsible for any computer viruses that may be transferred to, or from, a user’s disk or network account.